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Thread: Live Encoding RTMP files are incomplete

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    Default Live Encoding RTMP files are incomplete

    Hi Guys,

    I am using FMLE > Wowza to capture live streams. I am using authentication to secure the publishing of streams to the server. The problem I am having is that when streaming the live stream from certain workstations to the wowza server I can see the tmp file created on the server, then the actual mp4 file created a short time after. On most streams from other workstations the tmp file will remain a relatively small size 100k - perhaps 1mb max. The actual mp4 file continues to grow in size for the duration of the broadcast then the tmp file disappears and I have a single large file remaining. On the problem workstation occasionally it will do what I have described. At other times the tmp file with remain at 0 bytes and never get any bigger. The actual file seems to get written but at some point the tmp file disappears, the actual file is no longer growing yet the encoder is still streaming and believes itself to be connected. Viewing the connectioninfo file in realtime does not show the stream as connected.

    Addition: It seems as if the tmp file somehow becomes "locked" occasionally I never even see the tmp file but when accessing the live stream url via jwplayer i get the first frame of what should have been the live stream. I have many other workstations sending in live streams configured the exact same way that do not display this problem. The problem is isolated to 1 or 2 particular workstations.

    Any ideas for determining what might be happening here would be much appreciated.

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    First, while that .tmp file is there you won't be able to play it back in a vod application (unless you are appending and there is previous recording in the file). If the .tmp file is still there after the recording is ended, the .mp4 is corrupt and there is not a way to fix it. It sounds like in that one case the encoder lost connection with Wowza.


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