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Thread: change the stream video src in iphone and ipad

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    Default change the stream video src in iphone and ipad

    I've been trying all day to do a very basic operation - change the video that i stream to the client from the funciton onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate

    Unfortunately, I found all sorts of solutions that combine modules different functions but all these solutions seem very cumbersome and not serve my (very simple) purpose.

    in the play function (for flash) it is very simple to change the file streamed, how can i done it from here?

    i've tried: setStreamName, setStream and nothing worked...

    how can i do it?

    10x in advance - tal.

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    You have to use one of the aliasing methods to do this for non-RTMP clients. There is the configurable StreamNameAlias, which should be your first choice because it is easier, but you have to know what the mappings will be:

    If you need more control, you can use IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2


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