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Thread: HTTP Origin and DVR Delegate

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    Default HTTP Origin and DVR Delegate

    Hi there ... could you point me to documentation regarding how the enabling of HTTP origin for CDN affects the playlist delegate for nDVR
    What I've noticed is that when http origin is enabled for CDN caching, and I try to use the playlistdelegate of DVR content, it always returns same information, it doesn't matter if I change the wowzadvrplayliststart ... something like, one there's a session of a playlistdelegate, and I try to connect with different parameters, it returns same value as previous session ... only way to obtain different extract of the nDVR is when the first session is dropped and a new one is created ... it looks like only one session is permitted at the time.

    When I'm trying to do, as same as live, get CDN to cache the content ... but, I need to be able to have multiple different requests coming to CDN of different extract of nDVR.

    I'll appreciate any info


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    In this case Wowza is not aware of client requests to the CDN cache. Wowza just produces the chunks that are cached and consumed from the CDN by clients.


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    Hi Richard

    I'll rephrase my case as per your answer, my question wasn't clear. Let's forget about what CDN does
    My point is that when I enable the feature for Wowza to be HTTP origin for CDN, live streaming works perfectly, but playing back extracts of DVR using playlist delegate, doesn't work.
    For instance
    if I request http://wowza_ip:port/aplication/reco...ration=3600000
    I get as a response, the first hour of my recording; which is what I expected
    if while I'm playing that first hour, I do another request from another player as follow
    I expect second hour of recorded content, but instead of that, I get as result, first hour again (the first session requested) ... it's ignoring the parameters, just giving me what the previous session returned
    Only way to obtain the second hour with mentioned request is when there first session is dropped.


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    So, you are enabling HTTP Origin but you are playing back directly from Wowza? I'm not sure if that is supported. Do you want to cache to the origin and playback directly? Undertand that you will not get logging per client that way. It will all be one session.

    What version of Wowza are you using?

    One possibility is that 2nd request is specifying a time that does not exist in the recording, in which case Wowza reverts to starting from the beginning.


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    no, I'm not playing back directly from Wowza ... the example was conceptual.
    I don't mind the logging per client, as I control all that through the players. I mind being able to play the different extracts of DVR when http origin is enabled (which works fine when http origin is disabled)
    I'm using 3.5.2 ... and the requests are fine as I can play what I want if I disable http origin, or as soon as the first session is dropped.

    I understand for the live, wowza manage the request from CDN as one session ... makes sense
    but when I request extracts of DVR, parameters are different, so sessions should be different ... the parameters after "?" should be defining the session (as they do to a CDN) ... that's the part is not working as expected, and it's clear to me how Wowza manage that when http origin is enabled.

    I didn't find in documentation any statement saying http origin was a feature only for live streaming, but not compatible with dvr delegate ... that's what I'm trying to understand

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    This won't work, the limitation is explained at the top of the HTTP Origin article, the bullets under "About HTTP caching origin":


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    thanks ... I guess I'll have to keep using my own module for CDN http origin


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