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Thread: Quality of recorded video

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    Default Quality of recorded video

    Hi all!

    I am new to wowza. I am going to use it primarily to record videos. I installed it on EC2 instance and tried video recording - the quality is not great. Can I increase the quality of webcam recorder?

    I also have kinda strategic question
    Here is the list of things I need to do, can you please tell me if I can do all this things with wowza?
    -record video , playback video, record again if necessary and only after submission move video to Amazon S3 bucket
    -when moving video to Amazon S3 bucket - specify to which folder inside bucket to move for each user

    Thank you a lot!

    P.S. I am sorry if i repeated question, I just feel lost

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    The quality of the stream is dependent on the bitrate of the encoder.
    If the bitrate of the encoder is higher the quality of the stream should also be higher and thus the recording will be better.

    Based on the info above you should get a good recording every time if the configuration of the encoder is correct.
    You can move the file using the module below however the quality part will be up to you.

    Here's the link,

    If you wanted to move the recordings on a per user basis yo will need to write a custom module for this or get a consultant to create this custom module for you.
    You can post in the "find a consultant" forum found here,

    alternatively you could email requesting the list of independent consultants.


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