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Thread: please help for mysql

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    Default please help for mysql

    please i want help for mysql and wowza media server
    the first i download this connector MySQL JDBC Connector and upload thie file mysql-connector-java-5.1.8-bin.jar file to the Wowza Media Server installation folder [install-dir]/lib

    i want the config file for Application.xml to make a connect withe the MySQL JDBC Connector
    and the TABLE name of data base and how many column

    i read it before but not full answes

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    bika, you could piece something together with these 2 articles:
    How to do user authentication for Flash RTMP client using JDBC connection to mySQL database
    How to log to a mySQL database

    Or you can post in the Find a Consultant forum or write to and ask for the list of independent consultants.


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