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Thread: Cannot see VideoOnDemandStreaming sample video

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    Default Cannot see VideoOnDemandStreaming sample video


    I downloaded the trial Wowza media server from your site.I watched the tutorials .Especially, I tried to do on video on demand streaming video tutorial.I start up the wowza media server on Windows 7.Run as administrater the instalall.bat file

    Then I opened the player on chrome in Wowza MediaServer3.5.2\examples\VideoOnDemandStreaming\FlashRTMPPlayer folder.

    I could connect the server .But I was not able to see sample.mp4 video that is mentioned in the tutorial.The screen is dark and I can't see the video! How could I implement these? What is my fault?

    Could you give me your advices?

    Best wishes...

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    Hi there, what happens when you hit the connect button in the RTMP player? Do you see this option? If you do see this option, are you able to hear the audio?
    when you try to connect does the "status" say connected? or is there an error message?

    And can you confirm that wowza has started?


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    Yes,wovza media server connected.I didn't see any error message .Status say "connected". I saw dark screen and couldn't hear the audio.How could i overcome this problem?

    Thanks for your reply...
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