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    Default Android?

    Android app coming soon?

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    It's under consideration. I can't give any time frame.


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    Ahhh so disappointing. iOS always gets apps first, even though Android has the bigger marketshare.

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    True, but iOS users monetize better... which is why there are more developers for iOS apps. Granted, the monitization bit here isn't likely an issue, but it's lots easier to find folks who know iOS development.

    Of course, +1 for an android app from me. I've got a clunky old 3GS to play with... but most of my clients have Android. Usually the 'talent' has the iPhones and the camera guys and engineers have droids. More often then not, the 'talent' isn't the one shooting any video.


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    We've also developed an Android version for RTMP publishing.
    Yet still not stable enough for commercial release.

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    Keep up all posted as I believe we all have applications a d client requesta for the gocoder for droid. If anyone knows of any other encoders in tbe droid marketplace please let me know.
    Thanks, James

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    This works great on iOS and we are very happy with the results. We have a client that is looking to deploy this nationwide for remote training purposes. They just informed us that, they are looking to possibly switch from Apple Devices to Android across the board. So, there is definitely a market for this app on android and we would love to see it. For now we are looking at BigVEncoder and it seems to work OK. Hopefully there will be something for Android soon. Otherwise they may just be stuck with iOS or we will have to find another encoding solution.


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