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Thread: http origin configuration

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    Question http origin configuration


    I am trying to configure http origin with Wowza 3.5.2 build3747 trial.
    I created vod application and put additional http-origin configuration as described in

    my environment setup is:

    client <-> nginx <-> wowza

    nginx is configured as reverse proxy with caching capabilities for .ts segments
    I also enforce 'Cache-Control: Public' header with nginx to be sent to wowza
    here is sample config from nginx

    location ~* (.ts)$ {
    proxy_pass http://wowza_rtmp;
    proxy_set_header Cache-Control Public;
    proxy_cache video-ts-cache;
    proxy_cache_valid 200 302 10m;

    wowza_rtmp actually mapped to 1935 port of wowza

    however I don't see that this configuration really works. every time I play HLS video I see that Cache-Control header is set to no-cache and for every playback ts segments have different sizes.

    What did I miss in the wowza configuration?

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    Regarding the different ts segment sizes please download the latest patch found here

    This resolves the different TS segment size issue.

    If you still have not got this working please open a ticket by sending your conf/ and logs/ folders to as it sounds like a configuration issue but we can check.


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