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Thread: What should i use to protect my Live stream

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    Default What should i use to protect my Live stream

    I need to generate key with php and store it in file or MySQL DB
    and every connection to server to be validated by this key
    This key should be used only once and after validating current connection this key will be invalid for other connection.
    I have load balancer running now. I must continue use it


    What should i use to do that?

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    You might find this article useful for what you are trying to do:
    How to do user authentication for Flash RTMP client using JDBC connection to mySQL database

    Also take a look at the Server Side API pdf in your documentation directory in the wowza directory, I think you will be using onConnect Method


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    thank you for your answer,but i'm not good in java.
    If you can or other can develop it i want to bay this addon.

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    There is nothing built-in like that, so you will have to build it, and that link is a good starting place. If you need help you can post in the Find a Consultant forum or write to and ask for the list of independent consultants.


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