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Thread: I need to record high quality video

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    Lightbulb I need to record high quality video

    I'm developing a web application where user record their selves and it will be played back later. I want to use Wowza server. But i'm developing my application with sample code (Webcam Recorder) on Wowza installation folder. The video is recorded perfectly but poor quality. By default it uses some 320 (X) 240 resolution. I increased the resolution and video quality on flash code. But it doesn't give me better quality. I want to record in HD or SD quality. What should i do?

    Do i need transcoder add-on? I'm not going to have live stream. I just go to record and playback.

    What should i do?

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    It's not a good idea to increase the frame size larger than 320x240 of video encoded with Flash player. It's not the best encoder. Take a look at the h.264/Speex settings in this example:

    This example involves the Wowza Transcoder, but you shouldn't need that. Just refer to the h.264 settings. That should provide better quality.


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    I have checked it. I hope it is better now. And i could play the recorded video with vlc was unable before.

    Could you please answer the following question which will be helpful for me to take a decision now regarding using Wowza and purchase it.

    1. Should i need transcoder plugin for recording video?

    2. If Yes, i need to buy it? Now i'm testing my app with trail version so i have access to transcoder now. But buying transcoder is very costly right? They ask money per channel?

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    One more doubt i have, is there any way to increase resolution of recorded video to HD quality (1280 x 720). Any way in wowza or possible with any converters like FFMPEG?

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