I'm presenting television "TVMOST", Kosovo, East Europe. We are a small TV station, and we have a need to distribute SD audio/video signal from our TV center to several cable TV station in Kosovo.

We want to buy and use Marshall Electronics VS-11 H.264 encoder. He has a Network Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, SNMP, RTP, RTSP.
We want to set one encoder in the TV station and streaming our signal to 5 other receiving set-top boxes at various locations.
In our TV station we have a 6/6Mbps constant Internet bandwidth with a static IP address and the corresponding Cisco router (1800 series).
Since we are not experts in this field, what else do we need besides encoders/decoders to stream the signal simultaneously (multicast). Are the receiving set-top boxes need to have a static IP address or it can be dynamic IP address.

What WOWZA packages you recommend and how much does it cost per month or per year ?
What set-top boxes wheel work with this encoder and Wowza media server ?

Best regards
Vladimir Petrovic