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Thread: rtsp restream security

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    Default rtsp restream security


    I have web page with live stream (ip camer rtsp restream) , is there some possibility of seciruty
    that nobody can see and take source of my stream and use on his own page?


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    Here is an overview of the options for securing your wowza streams:
    Media security overview


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    I took a look at the media security overview but i still don't know what is the best technique to protect stream.
    I just want that it's not possible to see the stream link in firebug or something that will protect my stream before streal.

    I want to protect live stream camera->encoder->wowza server->flash player

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    Hi there, you need to encrypt the stream with either RTMPE or RTMPS:
    How to get Wowza RTMPE AddOn
    How to get SSL certificates from the StreamLock service(RTMPS)

    And then you need to add SecureToken:
    How to protect RTMP streaming using SecureToken (ModuleSecureToken)

    And then you need to set up hotlink denial:
    How to combat hotlinking your Adobe Flash SWF file

    If you need more direct help with this, you could post in the find a consultant forum or email


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    thanks hotlinking is exactly i was looking for.
    I have enabled hotlinking and rtmpuathentication and now it's possible to see stream only on my domain web site and I am not able to rip stream with rtmpdump.
    And that is exactlty what i need.

    I have one question yet what is advantage of rtmpe streaming ?

    Thank you

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    Great! Glad it's working. Thanks for the update.

    You can use RTMPE or RTMPS to encrypt the stream. We recommend RTMPS at present, either using Wowza StreamLock or your own SSL certificate.


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