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Thread: Publish mp4 with correct Audio for ipad, android

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    Default Publish mp4 with correct Audio for ipad, android

    Hi I'm new here and I have searched for a topic like this but couldn't find it.

    Video On Demand
    Wowza Media Server 3.5.2 (+addon)

    So here is my question:
    I've created an flash app that records video and publish it to Wowza 3.5.2 as mp4. It works fine and I can play the video on my mac with chrome without a problem... The problem is that the audio is not supported on ios and android. Tested on iPad 2 & note 10.1. The Wowza server error

    Wowza info:
    INFO server comment - MediaReaderH264Cupertino.indexFile[magicvideomail/_definst_/MagicVideoMail1367935115.mp4][null]: SPEEX Audio info: (Audio may not be playable on older iPhone and iPod touch devices where 48KHz/stereo or lower is required): {MediaCodecInfoAudio: codec:SPEEX, channels:1, frequency:90000, samplesPerFrame:1024, objectType:2}

    Need some help. Thanks
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