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    I would like to ask if is it possible to make live stream to html5 for web browsers like chrome, firefox or it still works only with Mac Safari.
    Could you please let me know how does it look with wowza+webm html5 support?
    I am interested in live stream to html5 (firefox,ie,opera,chrome) so I am looking for solution.


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    The best players for streaming with HTML5 fallback are :
    1.) The JW Player found here,

    2.) Flowplayer found here,

    Tutorials on how to get these players working with Wowza can be found below.

    JW Player -
    Flowplayer -

    Wowza does not have a timeline on when/if WebM will be supported.
    I'm sure if WebM does get supported using Wowza it will be reported on the Wowza site.


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