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Thread: Best ABR Stream Settings

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    Default Best ABR Stream Settings


    We are broadcasting a stream which is going to be seen by around 500k people. We do not know what device/internet connections they will be using therefore want to cater as many different options as possible. We do know that some people will be watching via iPhone and some on their smart TV's therefore we are very interested in providing ABR support.

    We are using FFMPEG to encode different bit rate and solutions of the stream. What I wanted to know is, is their any examples of SMIL files or settings which showcase the broadest number of different bit rate/resolution streams?

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    You can find a .smil file in the tutorial here,

    I've assumed that you are streaming a live event and that the encoder is a RTMP based encoder.
    If not you can find the list of all articles here,
    Searching for key words such as "RTMP" or "encoder" will help you find the tutorials and guides you need.


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