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Thread: query params.

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    Default query params.

    This is pretty awesome. However, we have a Wowza application that takes authentication via query params and then sets the stream name pragmatically. This works great when sending from encoders like FLME.

    So, for example, we set the FMS URL parameter in FMLE to:


    and then set Stream: to the same as the username.

    The app has a custom wowza module that verifies authentication by parsing the "user" and "password" query parameters that are passed in.

    Is there a way to accomplish this same thing with goCoder?


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    Actually, I may be getting closer to solving this. It appears it might work if I require the session as part of the URL. So, setting application as



    Without the _definst_ it seems to mess up.


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    In the Steam Name box which defaults to


    You should be able to add


    As a point to note the App uses RTSP to publish not RTMP so you may need to change how you check parameters for authentication.


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