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Thread: MediaCaster system confusion

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    Default MediaCaster system confusion


    I am new to Wowza and I am trying to utilize MediaCaster feature. In Wowza's user guide I read the following:

    The MediaCaster system pulls a stream from a stream source and makes it available for streaming to the different player technologies supported by Wowza Media Server. This system works on demand—when the first request comes in for a given stream, a connection is made to the source stream and the stream is then made available to the player.

    So, I setup DarwinStreamingServer to emulate live RTSP source and added the following entry to StartupStreams.xml:



    Indeed I can watch rtsp://, but the system does not seem to work on demand. Moreover, in wireshark I am seeing that Wowza on startup will do DESCRIBE,SETUP,PLAY on the stream without any clients demanding the stream.

    Why does it work different than described?


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    If you are only going to stream to Flash RTMP clients, you can make the StreamType "rtp-live" instead of "live", remove the StartUpStreams.xml /StartUpStream you created, then re-start Wowza. Now playback the stream in the Flash RTMP clients. Wowza will connect to the source at that time. If playback of that source is idle for 60 seconds the Wowza MediaCaster system will shut it down.

    If you are going to stream to an HTTP clients (HLS, HDS or Smooth) you have to pre-start the stream with MediaCaster system and use StreamType "live" so RTMP clients don't start the stream, you want the MediaCaster system to have the lock on the stream so packetizing continues.


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