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Thread: Stream to multiple sites from same Wowza server

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    Default Stream to multiple sites from same Wowza server

    Hello, I'd like to stream different live video streams to different sites using the same Wowza server on Amazon EC2. I have it working fine on the first site but I can't get video working on the second site even though I copied the code directly:

    [jwplayer config="configfilename" file="streamname" streamer="rtmp://" provider="rtmp" html5_file=""]

    Is there some sort of security setting restricting the stream to one domain only?


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    Most streaming is done between Wowza and a playback client running in a browser or a mobile device. The players can be served from any web server. The client has to be able to reach the Wowza server. So you don't stream to sites you stream to clients.


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    Thanks Richard, I figured it out.

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    That's great, thanks for the update.


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