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Thread: When adding applications, is it necessary to restart Wowza service?

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    Default When adding applications, is it necessary to restart Wowza service?

    Running Wowza on Win Server 2008. We're setting up different applications for different clients by adding a folder in \applications and one in \conf with the appropriate application.xml file. Do we need to restart the Wowza service after adding those? I've seen a case where the settings in the application.xml file didn't get picked up, but it's possible that a stream was started with that application before the xml file was in place.

    Any guidance appreciated.


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    If it's a newly added application it can be used right away without restarting.
    If you make a change to an existing application's Application.xml then that change will be
    picked up only on the next app-start. So yes if your application was already started / in use
    the an app-stop / app-start will need to happen first to pick it up.
    You can control applications using jmx/jconsole, see the admin section of the QuickStart guide:


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    Excellent, thanks!


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