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Thread: Flowplayer + Wowza HTTP Dynamic Streaming

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    Default Flowplayer + Wowza HTTP Dynamic Streaming

    Hi, I have successfully set up adaptive bitrate streaming for rtmp and I am trying to enable adaptive http streaming for iOS. I am using this technique:

    Specifically using an m3u8 playlist from a stream retrieved from a smil file.

    ipadUrl: "",

    However when I play on the iPad, it only plays the audio, wowza and ffmpeg are not throwing any encoding errors.

    Does anyone know how to go about trying to fix this?

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    Hi there, for IOS you need to use H.264 baseline 3 encoding with key frames aligned

    Take a look at the wowza documentation on encoding:
    How to encode video on demand content

    As well as:
    Adaptive bitrate streaming

    There are some pre encoded videos for you to test adaptive bit rate streaming.


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