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Thread: disallow rtmp port 1935

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    Default disallow rtmp port 1935

    I have configured rtmps on my wowza server
    thank you for makeing it as easy as possible.
    I was just wandering how can i disallow users from connecting in rtmp throw port 1935 (to only use rtmps via port 443)
    for example:
    to allow only rtmps via port 443 and http (not https) via port 1935


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    Edit [install-dir]/conf/Vhost.xml. You can remove port 1935 as needed or make other changes/additions to accomodate other port configurations. For example:

    <!-- Separate multiple ports with commas -->
    <!-- 80: HTTP, RTMPT -->
    <!-- 554: RTSP -->
    <--- Remove the 1935


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    I am useing Wowza 3.5.
    I just want to block rtmp connections and allow only rtmps (port 443)
    I can't remove port 1935 completly becouse i have http users that use's that port.

    so http conection will be accepted via port 1935
    and rtmp will be denied and rtmps will be accepted via port 443.

    Can you please be more spesific on how to achive that?
    how can i deny rtmp connection without removing port 1935 completly?

    In the Application.xml i also have a secure token.


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    It's not really ports that matter, you just want to ensure use of a secure protocol like RTMPS (or RTMPE) which you can do by adding the ModuleRequireSecureConnection module to each Application.xml

    With this in place you can use any port that is defiined in a VHost.xml /HostPort but you will have to use secure protocol like rtmps or rtmpe

    Otherwise, there is not a way to do what you describe: enable rtmps but not rtmp, which can be used on any port.


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