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Thread: How to monitor/debug adaptive bitrate switching on Wowza side

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    Default How to monitor/debug adaptive bitrate switching on Wowza side

    I'm trying to debug a problem we're having with jwplayer6 not performing dynamic bitrate switching using RTMP correctly. I also want to be able to verify that HLS devices are switching bitrates too.

    How can I monitor in realtime which bitrate is being fetched by a given stream... all I seem to see in the wowza access log is that a RTMP connection has been opened and is playing. Similarly with HLS streams all I see is that the smil and the playlist have been accessed.

    It's a bit frustrating as if you stream HLS chunks using just apache at least you can see the chunks being read in the apache access_log, but with Wowza streaming over HLS I don't even get that.

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    Is it live or vod streaming? What version of Wowza are you using?

    Key frame alignment between renditions is a requirement. For live streams you can debug alignment like this:

    For vod you can load them up in the scheduler and stream them live to debug as above. Also for vod, see this article on encoding for ABR:

    You can turn on logging for all chunk creation by adding this Property set to "0" in the Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizer Properties container (this is the one at the bottom, not at top where live packetizers are set)

    It's hard to debug iOS switching. In some case there is evidence in the logs if you look at the rows of a c-client-id. You could use a Silverlight or OSMF debug player to some extent because switching either works or for any of the HTTP stream types.

    Silverlight debug player:

    OSMF 2:


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    Wowza 3.2.5 patch 8 with VoD streaming from a multi bitrate set of MP4 files to RTMP and HLS.

    There's no debug configuration for the cupertino or sanjose packetizers that logs what they are doing in more detail then?

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