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    Default WOWZ reconnect

    We're running a master server and several edge servers. Master server PublishingType is rtp-live, edge servers are liverepeater-edge.

    We're using this platform for IP cameras streaming. Some types of IP cameras disconnect randomly for various reasons. Wowza master server simply reconnects and viewers in flash players don't see any huge interruption - the stream is not stopped.

    Of course it's not a good idea to stream from master server so we route viewers to the edge servers. When IP camera disconnects from master server, flash players connected to edge servers are disconnected - the stream simply stops and they need to click to Play again.

    How can we avoid this? It works fine on master server.


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    So really no idea?

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    Try making the origin Application.xml /StreamType "live" or "liverepeater-origin", and start streams in StreamManager or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml with MediaCaster type "rtp". On the edge servers, start the origin streams in /conf/StartUpStreams.xml with MediaCaster type "liverepeater".

    On the origin, you might try using ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced to monitor and reset the cameras if necessary:

    There is a trouble-shooting section of the IP camera/RTSP restreaming guide, and some Property settings that might help for some of these cameras:

    But what you might find really interesting in your case of various cameras is this new method of adding settings to a .stream file. This way you can handle different cameras as needed:


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    Thanks. Using live PP type is not an option for us - we have to use rtp-live and connect to cameras on demand.

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    Hi Rob,

    What is happening is that the mediaCaster between the origin and edge is detecting the unPublished event from the camera stream when it resets and is sending a `NetStream.Play.UnpublishNotify` message to the players. It does this because it doesn't know if the camera is going to reconnect or not.

    When you are connected directly to the origin, the mediacaster that connects to the cameras doesn't fire off an unPublished message when a reset happens.

    The only way around it is to have the player ignore the NetStream.Play.UnpublishNotify message but this may cause problems when the stream is really unpublished.


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    Is the any way to avoid this behavior? Override with module?

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    If you test your configuration (origin=rtp-live, edge=liverepeater-edge, no pre-starts on either side) with the Wowza /example/LiveVideoStreaming/FlashRTMPPlayer/player.html, you will not have the problem, because that player ignores the NetStatusEvent "NetStream.Play.onUnPublish" notification Roger mentions. The affect is that the MediaCaster system on the edge starts re-connect cycle, which tickles the origin and keeps it trying to re-connect. Otherwise, if there are no clients, after a few reconnect attempts and unpublish event on the origin, the origin app stops.

    JW player has a live stream reconnect plugin that will handle this, but it is only supported in JW Player 4 and 5, not 6

    Otherwise, if you have control of the player source, you can suss-out the handling of the NetStatusEvent notification "NetStream.Play.onUnPublish", and just don't handle it, comment out whatever it is doing in that case.


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    Yes, livestream plugin is an option. But not a good one - we need to solve it for mobile devices as well so we prefer some Wowza-side solution.

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