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Thread: double sessionId when play URL HLS with query string

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    Default double sessionId when play URL HLS with query string

    I write a module for live application, I check sessionid when client connect to streaming server. The client is adroid media player 4.0 that play URL with query String : http://ip/xxx/playlist.m3u8?xxx=yyy . But when i check log, wowza create two sessions for one request play. what problem in here ?

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    We're not sure why that happens exactly, but iOS devices do the same thing: create two sessions. One is always unused and can be ignored.


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    I have the same problem here..

    I have to bind the onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate and onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionDestroy.
    But how can I identify witch is the streaming Session and not the other??

    tnkss! =)
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    thanks rrlanham, what can i do ? now have other solution for give parameters to wowza without use query string appending ? thanks for your support

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