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Thread: Envivio encoder timestamp problems

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    Default Envivio encoder timestamp problems


    One of our customers is using Envivio 4caster encoders to encoder live stream. These encoded streams are sent to a bank of wowza servers using rtp multicast.

    We pull the rtmp stream from the wowza server in to our system. However we observe that this rtmp stream has timestamps in a pecuiliar format. They go on increasing for few seconds then a timestamp lesser than the previous comes and then again the timestamps keep going on increasing. This we think is the way the envivio encoder encodes the stream.

    Is there any property we can set in our application.xml, that will make wowza reapply its own timestamps so that they continue increasing linearly (as in not decreasing in between)


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    You could write your own custom module to create a new stream from packets of the incoming stream and change the timestamps. It would require some knowledge of how to get packets off a stream and apply into another.

    There is no built in method to change timestamps of packets in Wowza.


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