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Thread: Wowza start/stop events and Sawmill statistics for Live Stream access summary

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    Default Wowza start/stop events and Sawmill statistics for Live Stream access summary

    Dear Wowza team,

    we use Wowza Server 3.1.2 together with Longtailvideos JW player V5.10 to publish and play a livestream (RTMP and HTML5 mode, respectively).
    For reporting services we use Sawmill afterwards to analyse the live stream access data and to generate statistics from the Wowza server stat logfiles.

    However, we do not entirely understand the data output in the Wowza server stat logfiles, maybe you can clarify them a bit for us.

    In order to analyze the number of concurrent viewers, our statistic tool uses a counter that is increased whenever a play event occurs and is decreased on stop and pause stream events.

    In a log sample, there are 2,243 "play" events, 2,024 "stop" and 33 "pause" events. The difference between the play and the pause+stop numbers, is 186, interpreted as a number of concurrent streams "left over". This indicates the Wowza server is either not logging the stop/pause events, or that there is no stop event associated with these streams.

    What might be the reason for this behavior? My explanation would be that the stream events are triggered by the client video player and whenever a user simply closes the web browser window without stopping the stream playback in the JW player, then the current stream for this client remains in idle state on server side? or something like that...

    How could be get an appropriate number for concurrent viewers in a specified time range, what would be the best way?

    Thanks in advance


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    One possibility is that the stop and destroy event for a client/session is in the next log file, i.e. the client was streaming through midnight. Sudden shutdown will also cause incomplete sessions.

    In the case where a client disappears for one reason or another, Wowza will disconnect the client after the pingtimeout set in the Application.xml. In that case you should see stop and destroy events.


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    Hi Richard,

    thanks for your information. That clarifies it a little bit.

    Is it possible that the pingtimeout setting is uncommented by default in an Application.xml?
    My Application.xml looks like this...

    <!-- Uncomment to set application level timeout values
    so I assume no standard value will be used for pingtimeout and all idle clients will stay connected?


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    The values you see there are the default values as set in the VHost.xml. You can un-comment to override those in a Application.xml. So idle RTMP clients are disconnected after 12 seconds.


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