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Thread: Forcing latency for testing

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    Lightbulb Forcing latency for testing

    Is it possible to force latency / lag on one or more streams?

    We would like to do this to test application code handling when some streams stutter in order to help resolve lip sync issues with multiple streams. For example, we have two video streams and one audio stream.

    Additionally if there is a known way to sync streams to resolve this issue that would obviously also be of interest.

    Thank you for reading and any suggestions you may have.

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    The only way which may work would be to use IPTables in Linux and tc qdisc to create some queues and push latency up. There are possibly alternatives but it would be quite tricky.

    It may be possible to 'align' streams but this could not be done automatically. Wowza will use the timestamps on the streams to align them however you could re-write packet timestamps and move them back/forward within say 50ms - perhaps 500ms although the higher it gets the trickier it becomes. It would require some custom code to do this.


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