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Thread: Using Wowza and JWplayer for Commencement

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    Default Using Wowza and JWplayer for Commencement

    For the first time today we used Wowza (devpay/embedded) on EC2 for our default streaming setup. It's not uncommon for us to have about 150-250 streamers. It went fairly well but there were a few items I'd like to get some feedback/advice on for making it run a little smoother next time.

    Our setup:
    • 1 - c1.xlarge instance
    • 1 - Teradek Cube set to medium quality 768 kbps and connected over a wired connection.
    • 1 - JWplayer 5.10 RTMP with HLS streaming

    I chose the c1.xlarge because the price difference between that and the c1.medium for the amount of time needed was negligible and offered some peace of mind. I chose the c1 series because of this post

    Teradek seemed to work fine and was easy to setup. We used the HDMI directly in from a Sony camera.

    We did no configuration of the Wowza AMI aside from the security groups and binding an elastic IP address.

    We had 148 peak viewers. The picture looked great when viewed in both the JWplayer and on my iPhone and our Android setup.

    Things we noticed:
    • The streams began to slowly fall behind the actual ceremony. When first joining the stream it was a few seconds behind like one would expect but by the end of the ceremony it was a full 10-15 minutes behind.
    • HLS streaming started to skip every two minutes in an apparent effort to "catch up"

    Things I'm wondering. What performance tuning if any should we consider doing? I've skimmed over the performance tuning post but didn't know if that applied to just the regular installs types or if that applied to the custom AMIs as well.

    What JWplayer settings should I consider setting if any as it relates to buffer?

    Are there any settings related to the Teradek that are worth considering configuring?

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    You should not need to tune your AMI as they are pre-tuned,

    You can use this guide to get the lowest possible latency for your stream:
    How to achieve the lowest latency from capture to playback


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