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Thread: Is It Possible To Live Repeat From A Cupertino Playlist *.m3u8 ?

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    Default Is It Possible To Live Repeat From A Cupertino Playlist *.m3u8 ?

    We have some *.m3u8 playlist files we would like to relay to our main wowza system and then perhaps add into stream manager as if it was a *.stream file or something similar. Any light shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried the obvious just placing the http:// links in to be parsed as the *.stream file , however this didnt produce a working signal.
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    No, sorry, that is not supported in Wowza at present.


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    what about html playback in browser using the playlist, im having difficulty offering ONLY HTML5 streaming. could you provide a JWPlayer example or an example which you feel is the most suitable for how to play it back properly in browser.

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    At present, cupertino streaming from Wowza to an HTML5 client only works on IOS devices and Mac OSX with Safari browser.

    Wowza will stream to other devices that support HLS streaming like VLC and some STBs. In order to stream to the desktop a Flash or Silverlight player is recommended.

    Take a look at JW Player 6, which will do HLS streaming to IOS devices and RTMP streaming to desktops:
    How to use LongTail JW Player 6 with Wowza Media Server

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