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Thread: Starting Out Global Use Questions

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    Question Starting Out Global Use Questions

    I had a look around

    Some examples work out for me some don't so my question pertains to the basics.

    In an Application defined by the Application.xml file witch can define various modules.
    Does the modules specified in the modules nodes require building a server module with the functions you will need to call within your app, to call functions from more then one module?
    Can you simply specify the module in the Application.xml and then call the module functions?
    If so
    Since the modules require a name does that mean you need a prefix like someModule.someFunction()?

    Connection strings syntax.
    Connecting seems to be easy and getting a single stream to work is very fast.
    I am confused over this when i connect using rtmp://localhost/myapp/someuser this creates a sub folder witch can resemble channels or chat rooms.
    Now I have tried two examples this evening and did not successfully get a client list, the best I got was an empty shared object.

    Assuming my application require to keep track of both usernames of all connected users and have a private channel for private conversations.

    Is the best practice to have users connect using this syntax rtmp://localhost/myapp/someuser would it not require a connection to rtmp://localhost/myapp/ to get a global users shared object and another for rtmp://localhost/myapp/someuser

    Last but not least the IDE is it for typically for developing extra ordinary apps or can you get away with just using the modules.
    If you have to do the same old chat application as seen for decades already.

    Thank you!

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    Question 1: There are modules built into Wowza, there are pre-built modules that you can add to Wowza (the Wowza modules collection), and custom built Wowza application Modules, SeverListeners and HTTPProviders. There are many complete examples of these that you can use as a staring place or reference: using the Wowza IDE.

    Take a look at the short easy to use Wowza IDE guide that has step by step instructions for building and implementing these extensions.

    Question 2: There is nothing wrong with your RTMP connection string which includes a reference to an application instance ("app/someuser") for example, but it implies that each user will connect to a different application instance, which is not going to work. Each set of users needs to connect to the same application instance to be able to talk to each other. For example, rtmp://wowza-ip/app/somechat. And each user can publish their own stream with a unique name, e.g.. "joeStream"

    Take a look at this article to set up a video chat application:
    How to set up live video chat


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