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Thread: Wait until live stream is available

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    Question [SOLVED] Wait until live stream is available


    Currently if a client connects to a valid live app, but the stream specified is not available Wowza will return an error. Is there any way to wait until the stream is available? Or maybe publish a "waiting" video until the real live stream starts publishing?

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    Wowza returns a notification to Flash RTMP clients in this case, which the player handles however it wants: Many will display an "error" then disconnect. But if the player just waits, when the stream is live it will start playing. The Wowza /examples/LiveVideoStreaming/FlashRTMPPlayer/player.html works that way.

    JW Player 5 (but not 6 at present) has a Live Stream Reconnect plugin


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    Thanks for the quick reply Richard, I'll move this to the player then.

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