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Thread: Setting up Larger scale Live Streaming Servers

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    Default Setting up Larger scale Live Streaming Servers

    Dear Jason,

    We are currently looking in to using Wowza streaming servers to server a
    larger scale of Live Streamings. Just for your information recently we
    have purchase 2 perpetual server license for our hotel local streaming
    system and now we are looking in to for make use your services for even
    larger scale.

    Before I proceed with buying a big numbers of license i would like to do
    the POC ( Prove of concept ) to my client. Below is my details of the
    streaming content.

    1. 50 Live stream channels which getting the feed from IRDs and will
    go thru MPEG 4 encoders and final will be Multicast IP out.

    2. we need to support 500 concurrent streams average 1 - 1.5MBPS per

    As for now there is no any DRM are required but we need to setup with
    load balancer. Is it possible to provide the server architecture on how
    to setup as per my request let say we go with total numbers of 20
    Each of my servers running on dual core Xeon Processor and 4 GB RAM.

    Server contain 2 Network interface

    Eth0 : public IP -- to retrive rtsp stream by client

    Eth1 : local ip to receive Multicast Stream.

    Possible to provide me the config files to setup as per my request.

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    Hi there, you can achieve this architecture with the LoadBalancerAddOn:
    How to get the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

    And utilizing a live stream repeater:
    How to configure a live stream repeater


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