Good morning,

We are in the process of looking at Wowza to replace our Red5 server. Current;y we use Red5 to stream meeting videos to pages with avs4you_player.swf as VOD. It works well but we need to add live streaming and getting the working with Red5 was problematic.

Setup and testing of Wowza went well using flowplayer, it with Wowza does everything we need at a price we can get past the city council. The problem I have now is that I have hundreds of pages in Joomla already setup for avs4you_player. The web is a barren wasteland on info for avs4you_player.swf.

Anyone used it? Know if I can get it to stream from Wowza? It would save me a large amount of work if I could keep the current pages using avs4you and make a simple regex change to stream from wowza, allowing the pages to fall out through attrition throughout the year.