Can the admins post a "How to ask questions" brief at the top of the Help and Bug forums?

Under the Help Requests forum, there's a post titled "Help regarding HLS". This is fine. It's a Help Request forum. "Help me, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying to get X to work" is completely valid. "Help" forums do handle issues up to and including having no clue what you're doing at all, and thus having no useful subject beyond "Help me with X". Under a Bug forum this would be an extremely poor subject: presumably if you know you have a bug, you know you're trying to do X and instead you get Y.

There's also a post titled "HLS Strange Problem" and one titled "One (small?) problem". These are not useful even for help forums. They both indicate a particular known problem, which the subject should reflect specifically. This will draw attention from experts as well as from other users experiencing the same problem, concentrating troubleshooting efforts and building a better knowledge base by folding more related information under one thread.

Perhaps something like this at the top of the forum:

Please use descriptive post titles. Avoid titles such as the following:

Help! I have a problem!

Titles such as the below will produce better results:

Wowza 3.5.2 HLS streams aren't starting

For further information, see Eric Steven Raymond's Guide: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way.