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Thread: WMS RTSP Playback on Windows 8 "Metro" App in C#/XAML

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    Default WMS RTSP Playback on Windows 8 "Metro" App in C#/XAML


    I'm attempting to play an RTSP audio stream from an Internet Radio station using WMS 3.5.2.

    Currently I've at a loss as to what to do since I can't do the conventional method of playing audio using a MediaElement, so I was wondering if anyone has done this before and if so, could throw some working code my way.


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    Hi there,

    This article demonstrates how to stream audio with Wowza

    How to re-stream audio from SHOUTcast/Icecast


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    Also, be sure to configure for "smoothstreamingpacketizer" and you can use the example player that ships with Wowza.
    here is where you will find the example player:


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