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Thread: rewind very slow with Strobe in nDVR

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    Default rewind very slow with Strobe in nDVR

    We have the following configuration:
    2 Axis 3364 cameras configured exactly the same way.
    1 latest mac mini server with 16GB RAM & 256 GB SSD for DVR storage.

    We start the live dvr recording from both cameras at the same time but in seperate dvr application instances using the media caster. The links we use to play the stream are:


    Initially, everything seems fine but within an hour we see a problem. The first stream (camera1) allows us to rewind to any position and plays from that point almost instantly.
    However, if we rewind the second stream to an earlier point in time, there is a long delay, as much as 2 minutes, before the playback resumes. The same thing happens when moving back to the live position.

    This is only happening with Flash playback. We see this with the Wowza livestreaming dvr example as well as on our own site using Strobe player with OSMF
    I am not seeing any errors in the error or access logs.

    Playback to iOS devices does not have this problem.

    Any suggestions or ideas?


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    Some addition information gathered from further testing:

    When we rewind the camera2 stream back to an earlier point, wiht the Strobe media 2 player showing the info window we see that the memory usage grows from ~35MB to 90MB. After some delay, the stream starts playing and the info window says that ~1200 frames were dropped. At the same time, network monitoring show a big increase in incoming data rate. When stream is playing normally, the network data rate is ~25k to 50k bytes/sec. When the stream is rewound the rate goes up to ~180k to 250k byte/sec until the stream starts playing again when it drops back to the previous rate. CPU usage on the browser host is very low (~3%) and increases to ~5% when this happens.

    The frame rate for both streams is 12 fps which is set at the camera.

    We are seeing this behaviour on all flash based viewers including the sample included with Wowza.

    There is plenty of network bandwidth, the servers are hosted at macminivault.

    Again we do not see this with iOS playback, only flash based.
    Any suggestions?


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    Please can you email include a brief description of this issue and a link to this thread for reference.
    Attach a zipped copy of the [Wowza-Install]/conf, [Wowza-Install]/applications and [Wowza-Install]/logs directories.

    Many thanks

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