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    I am using 5 udp based cameras and want to publish these 5 streams in diffrent JWplayer webpages.While doing these I have to record these 5 camera inputs on diffrent folders in ...\content directory (such as x:.....\content\stream1\ stream.flv). I am using a 2 socket CPU and an iSCSI connected Storage behind this server which has Win2008 R2 installed on it.There are 5 partitions that I can use for each camera input.My question is how can I use these diffrent storage areas(diffrent drives) as per camera inputs other then the root content directory of the wowza server.

    My other question is how can I define each streams recordings as date and time based files(filename not the extension) that I can use them for archiving and some other 3rd party software solutions.



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    You can change the default storage location for a wowza application if you modify the <Streams>/<StorageDir> setting from your Application.xml file.
    You can use the Live Stream Record module to manage tour live recordings. Take a look at this article:


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    Let me expand the situaiton in a more detailed way.
    We are using wowza media server on a server that uses Windows 2008 R' and has a iscsi storage hich has diffrent drives such as G:,H:,J:,K: etc...

    We are using 3.5.2 mac locked perpetual licenses on the server.

    I started live stream manager on http://x.x.x.x/streammanager/index.html
    then I choose "live" and rtp-recordin optin and use my file to get the video from a live cam and record it.

    I want my video files record on drive G: and the content1 director which is as g:\content1\

    Changed both root application.xml storagedir section and the conf/application/application.xml as you have told but could not manage.

    Please help me about these recording drives and if possible type me the syntax that I can Show the drive name.


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    Hi, if you follow the guid Zoran provided to set up live stream recording, you can use the web-based user interface to point to the file path you want to save your recordings to.

    See step 6 in this section of the guide:
    Recording live streams using the web-based user interface


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