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Thread: Actual LIVE streaming with Wowza

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    Default Actual LIVE streaming with Wowza

    Firstly, I apologise if I am repeating anything here but I have looked around for information on this but it may be that because I don't fully understand the system, I've not seen anything I thought was relevant.

    I am writing some (auction) software. It's made up of 3 main parts: a Web Service (for data management), a Windows Client (for running the auction and managing video) and a Website (which will be available as an iFrame to display the video).

    In a nutshell; what I am looking to do it to allow the user (either from C# code or a in-built web browser in the application) to push their web cam IN REAL TIME to Wowza which will be running on a dedicated server in a data centre. Clients will then sign up to the website and watch the LIVE auction online, on any device. My problem is, when testing it locally and trying out Wowza, I cannot find a say to - basically - gab the web cam feed (as-is) and have it streaming and "renderable" in a web browser (using the example players provided with Wowza).

    If I am being a moron then please forgive me - I've been tasked with this project and been looking a various CDN's but really liked the Wowza approach... if I can just get it running as I was expecting Wowza to run, if this makes any sense?

    I imagined I would:

    1. embed a web browser in the Windows application.
    2. create a stream name
    3. enter the Wowza Media Server (on our dedicated server) IP address.
    4. connect the camera/stream and start pushing this to WMS on the dedicated server.
    5. for verification, have a second web browser embedded with the WMS address which allows the client to SEE their LIVE stream.
    6. embed a flash ready player in our website (iframe) and allow that clients live stream to be visible.
    7. when the auction has ended, and the client stops their web cam - the stream stops.

    I would like as MINIMAL input from the client as possible so as to make the end clients job of streaming their LIVE web cam as easy and as un-interactive as possible.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree with Wowza? Should I be looking for something else?

    I really hope somebody can shove me onto the right track... I am struggling here and would REALLY appreciate your guidance.

    Thank you in advance!

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    The basic Wowza configuration for Live RTMP application is here:

    For the publisher client, take a look at the /examples/WebcamRecording/FlashRTMPPlayer and FlashRTMPPlayer11 examples, as a starting place and reference.

    Then, for the playback client (#5), take a look at JW Player or Flowplayer or the MediaPlayback player:

    If you need more hands-on help with this project, you can post in the Find a Consultant forum or write to and ask for the list of independent consultants.


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