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    Default Re-Streaming RTMP

    I am trying to re-stream an RTMP URL (which works in VLC just fine), format is this:


    Should I be using the content/ method:


    in the StartupStreams.xml for this VHost, and put the rtmp:// URL in the .stream file? Or should I be setting this up like a liverepeater edge deal? I am a bit confused. Thanks in advance!


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    You have to use MediaCaster type "liverepeater" in this case. But if that is a protected FMS stream, it won't work. Take a look at this guide:


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    Thanks for the fast reply. Okay, I set it up just like that.

    When I try and play from wowza using VLC, like this:

    rtsp://<wowza ip>:<my port>/live/

    It pops up a dialog asking for "RTSP authentication" - "Please enter a valid login name and password"

    Not sure if that has to do with it being a protected stream (I am not sure if it is). The way they are streaming, it seems like they themselves are also using wowza.

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    You can set the Application.xml /RTP /Authentication /Play to "none". Or you can set it to "basic" and provide the usrename password inline like this: rtsp://richard:myPwd@<wowza ip>:<my port>/live/

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    In Application.xml, I set them both to none, restarted the vhost, but still get the auth popup...

    <!-- RTP/Authentication/[type]Methods defined in Authentication.xml. Default setup includes; none, basic, digest -->

    Now, if I change this (not sure if I needed this, from another guide):

    <OriginURL>rtmp://<path to stream></OriginURL>

    I had OriginURL set to the rtmp:// stream before, but if I set it to empty, the stream stops working altogether.

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    Actually, it was just the PlayMethod that needs to be "none" in your case, and it is by default. Are you doing this in /conf/live/Application.xml


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    Now I am, I copied my conf/Application.xml to conf/live/Application.xml and restarted the vhost. Same issue.

    Edit: Maybe Wowza doesn't understand the "&email=blah&password=pass123" part that I have on the rtmp:// in That could be why...
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    I thought that was part of the re-streaming URL, and that that part was working?

    You can put a querystring at the end of a rtsp url. It doesn't cause that problem, I was sure but tested anyway.

    Is it still a problem? If so, re-start Wowza, start the origin stream, and test playback in VLC. Then zip up and send /conf and the current access log showing the re-start and test to

    Include a link to this thread for reference.


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    Thank you. I sent the email with the requested info.

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