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Thread: Implementing awstats for Wowza 3.5

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    Question Implementing awstats for Wowza 3.5

    Hello. I've almost successfully implemented awstats for wowza following this guide
    But, when i'm updating i see this message: No qualified records found in log (0 corrupted, 0 comments, 0 Blank, 32 dropped)
    in console: Dropped record (virtual hostname '_definst_' does not match SiteDomain='IP_adress_wowza' nor HostAliases parameters) ..............
    What should i do? Why i have all dropped. Plz help

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    Hi there, I dont have any experience with AWStats and Wowza, but you can use the Sawmill universal log file analysis tool which does pretty much the same thing.
    How to use Sawmill to analyze Wowza Media Server logs

    Otherwise you could keep trying Alejandro's site to get support, or maybe someone else that has gotten AWStats to work can help answer this question.


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