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Thread: nDVR and Cupertino ID3

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    Default nDVR and Cupertino ID3

    I have been successfully using the IHTTPStreamerCupertinoLivePacketizerDataHandler interface for catching AMF data and converting to ID3 for playback via HLS (as described at However, when attempting to use the nDVR addon, the onFillChunkDataPacket event is no longer getting called.

    Thinking that when using the dvrstreamingpacketizer the Cupertino HTTPStreamer was in VOD mode, I added an implementation of IHTTPStreamerCupertinoVODActionNotify2's onFillChunkDataPacket, but that is not getting called either.

    I do note that there are .m4fd files being generated that appear to contain the AMF data being sent, so I was hopeful that this could still be accessed.

    Is interception of AMF events for conversion to ID3 supported when using nDVR? If so, which method described at the above link should be used, and are there any gotchas?

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    onFillChunkDataPacket is not currently supported for nDVR, but it has been added to the backlog. I don't have a time frame for implementation.

    Thanks for the report,

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