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Thread: See total Edge Servers?

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    Default See total Edge Servers?


    I was just wondering how to see what servers are relaying from my origin? I feel as if my securetoken was decoded / stolen some how (the people at have a way of getting the secure token even if its encrypted.) Are there any pages that show the IP Addresses of what servers are connected to the origin? I looked through the serverinfo page and I didnt find anything related to that.


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    You should be able to see the client type with connectioninfo page as it should show specific client connections.

    You can also remove some entries in your Application.xml which may help with your token being worked around. If your remove the properties module (near the bottom of your Application.xml in the <Modules> section) then restart Wowza this may help.


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    You can also look at all the x-event "connect" rows in the access log on the origin.


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