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Thread: cant stream - basic first steps in troubleshooting?

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    Default cant stream - basic first steps in troubleshooting?

    OK so i have subscription wowza for my VOD site and it has never had problem before, its running on 2 servers and user can choose server to stream from in the user account.

    today, it will not stream from either server. my developer is out of town.

    is there any quick and relatively easy way to take basic first steps in troubleshooting?

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    Check if the servers are up and running by using the serverinfo provider, point your browser at

    http://[your wowza server ip/hostname]:1935/serverinfo

    should present the version of Wowza running, then if not, if you have a hosting provide make sure the servers are on, if you can log into the servers check if Wowza is running.

    Then you would need to go through the logs and see if there are any obvious errors.


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