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Thread: nDVR & Android App (using HLS)

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    Default nDVR & Android App (using HLS)

    Can I use Wowza nDVR in Android native app for Android 4.0+?

    I tried to put the HLS stream to MediaPlayer class. The stream can be played. However, I cannot use the 'seek' API to adjust the start time of the nDVR stream.

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    Hi there,

    From the reports I have read, it sounds like Android does not support nDVR at present. The stream will play but it will not have the functionality of DVR.


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    Thx Salvadore

    I tried some commercial Android HLS SDKs and seems they can support nDVR. Maybe native MediaPlayer API does not support

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    Hello @bennyftwai

    I am facing the same issue on android 4.2, tried to use the html5 video tag with no luck (plays live stream with no nDVR functionalities) can you please recommend a commercial Android HLS SDK which also supports HTTP redirection for load balancer ?

    Thank you in advance.

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