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Thread: cpu??

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    Default cpu??

    hey.. i checked out the benchmarking on transcoder.. so i ordered similar to server 3 on the list

    Processor: Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620
    Memory: 16 GB
    Running on Centos6

    i tried with one stream the cpu was running on 15%-18% i could only transcode 4 channels.. 5 might work but 6 = CRASH!!

    are these specs not good enough for 10 channels? :S:S

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    The intel specs show it doesnt have any inbuilt hardware acceleration, so QuickSync (hd3000 or hd4000) so there is no option to use this, the CPU is quite slow, 2Ghz, and transcoding is down to pure CPU horse power so this CPU is limited.

    When attempting to transcoding with no hardware acceleration results do vary but above 5 or 6 requires significant CPU.


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    ahh im sorry im talking about transrate.. i have a 1.2mb incoming stream so i want to have 720p 360p and 160p

    on the benchmarking page i saw server 3 default can transrate 10 channels..

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    The CPU you are using is 500mhz slower per core than the Server 3 CPU, so there is no way you can get 10 channels from it. You will be able to at maximum about 6 - 7 channels, which is what you are seeing.

    The E5-2620 has a max core speed of 2.5Ghz, the posted Server 3 has a core speed of 3.06 GHz.

    There are of course other factors relating to performance than just core speed, but neither CPU has acceleration and the Server 3 CPU does have some Smart Cache which may be also making a difference.


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