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Thread: how to start stream group on edge servers?

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    Default how to start stream group on edge servers?


    How can setup streamgroup to start automatically on edge servers?

    Current setup

    Encoder pushing over UDP (mts) >> Origin/Transcoder Server >> Edge (plays on demand)

    I wish to keep streamgroup (all streams) running on edge server since output is HLS and it takes lot of time when first request is made.


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    Hi there,

    This article shows how to set up and play streams on a live-stream repeater edge. This shows how to start the streams using the StartUpStreams.xml file so they are ready to go when the edge is started:
    How to lock multi-bitrate streams on live stream repeater edge

    Also see this article on How to create and play SMIL files with streams created by Wowza Transcoder


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