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Thread: Show Videos on multi platforms

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    Default Show Videos on multi platforms

    Hi guys,
    I have setted up wowza server, and I wanna to show IP cameras streaming on multi platforms.
    The code format of my videos are H.264, I have read this article
    The problem now is: so far, I am able to playback all the streaming by using Flash RTMP protocol on a website (on my PC), I wonder if it is possible I
    can playback the videos on my android devices(let's say, use the website directly without creating an android application to playback the video).

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    Hi, did you read through the troubleshooting section of this guide?

    Be sure that UDP ports 0-65535 are open and properly mapped to the server running Wowza Media Server.

    Side note: make sure to read the article very carefully as there is no air (i.e. no fluff) and no room for error


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