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Thread: IP camera real time streaming

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    Default IP camera real time streaming

    Hi, guys
    I have setted up the wowza server which monitors 27 cameras,
    so far, I am able to see all the IP cameras by using RTMP protocol on my website. (But RTMP requires flash support, which is not supported by android).
    Is there a video format for real time streaming so that I can play the video on the website as well as my android devices? Thx a lot.

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    Delivering a stream to an Android device is best served using the RTSP protocol, which is universally supported across the many variations of Android. To do this, pass a URL like this to your Android users: rtsp://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/live/myStream. This should not require any setup in your Wowza application. For more information about playback to RTSP, see the playback section in the Live Video Streaming Tutorial.


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