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Thread: Using Wowza to broadcast live audio from multiple clients; Wowza server-side web API?

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    Default Using Wowza to broadcast live audio from multiple clients; Wowza server-side web API?


    I'm trying to determine if Wowza is right for what I need. My application consists of multiple broadcasters (up to 5) being able to talk through one "station" (audio only) and the server streaming to many listeners (potentially hundreds). There are many multiple streams and they are not static; people are able to schedule live events and the app needs to be able to dynamically manage different live audio streams, creating and destroying them as necessary.

    My first uncertainty: how to publish audio from a client to the server. I would prefer to not have Flash dependency at all. I am looking into using WebRTC as a method of publishing audio. I see that the Transcoder supports decoding the G.711 codec which WebRTC uses, and it seems like it would transcode a live stream to AAC format. I'm hoping that listeners would be able to use an HTML5 player like jPlayer (which falls back to a Flash implementation if the browser doesn't support HTML5 audio/video). Would I be able to upload live streams from a client directly to the Wowza server, or would I need an additional external server that Wowza would then pick the stream up from and transcode it?

    Also, like I said, the app would need to create and destroy "rooms" for different events and configure who can stream to which room. I've been looking at documentation and it seems like every time I want to create a new stream I have to make a new Wowza "application" and a new XML configuration file. I also have to configure the Transcoder and MulticastPublish to properly publish the stream. I also can't find information on a web API to configure the server dynamically. Does something like this exist? Would I have to hack together a method of programmatically managing streams? Or is Wowza just not built for this sort of thing?

    Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated. Wowza support email has been no help but it looks like there is more help available on the forums.

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    At present, for real-time chat a Flash RTMP client is the only viable choice. There is a tentative plan for Wowza to support WebRTC for real-time chat but I don't have a time frame for that. It is a future feature.

    Wowza includes a very basic VideoChat example, which is provided as a starting place and/or reference. If you need a production ready chat system these are some options that work with Wowza:

    * ChatBlazer (part of Pendulab)
    * Flashcoms
    * AVChat
    * Cyberxess

    Wowza is working on a web admin interface but that is not ready yet. Look for that in 4.0 release.


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    sir please how to do live multi stream using wowza media server .
    through which in PC1(on LAN) webcam video pass to wowza media server and after that same video from wowza media server run on another client PC2(on LAN) please help.
    i am using FLASH LIVE ENCODER to pass the video to WOWZA Media server ......
    how flash encoder caught the webcam video from client PC1(on LAN) and then he pass to wowza media server then to PC2(on LAN)

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