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Thread: nDVR and Roku Issues (Chunk Count, Buffering, Skip to Live)

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    Default nDVR and Roku Issues (Chunk Count, Buffering, Skip to Live)


    I am currently developing a CDN for a Roku Application and had some questions regarding HLS issues I am having:

    1. I am getting cupertino disconnect occurring if the Roku is viewing a live stream from the beginning (our streams can be 2 hours long). My DVR window is set to no limit, but I have a feeling the this is relating back to a timeout occuring somewhere because I believe that the Roku buffers everything it can until it either runs out of space or catches up to live. Does this have something to do with Max Chunk Count or something else?

    2. When fast forwarding all the way to the live point of the stream, the Roku will play fine for about 5 to 10 seconds and then go into is buffering screen indefinitely. No errors are thrown on Wowza or the Roku but everything on the Roku side just comes to a halt. My thoughts were that the Roku is getting ahead of the segment count and causing it to get hung up. Has anyone seen this issue? Is it something that can be fixed on Wowza Side?

    3. Is there anyway to have the nDVR application send the Roku a play start time which as currently at live? That way when viewers open the stream it doesn't start them at the beginning?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    What version of Wowza are you using?

    Are you also testing using the Wowza nDVR example player?

    When the stream is live the player should start playing at the live point. So it sounds like Roku is not fully supporting Wowza nDVR.

    Test with the Wowza /examples/LiveDVRStreaming/FlashHTTPPlayer/player.html

    And try to test in a iOS device.

    If nDVR features work as expected in the Wowza player and iOS while the same stream does not work in Roku, then Roku is not supporting this feature.


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